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Success Story (1)

"Success Stories" Case Study One

Identifying the RIGHT people for a Company's future is never easy and Succession Planning is something that many companies think about but never action. Not so COMPASS in the USA.

Compass is the World's largest contract services business. It employs over 120,000 people in the USA and the majority of whom work within the Business and Industry Sector.

The B & I Sector has been growing at an outstanding rate and in 2006 recruited an additional 3500 staff! That growth makes employee succession planning a necessity.

In anticipation of continuing business success Compass engaged THAMESIDE INTERNATIONAL in January 2005, to help it identify Managers with the RIGHT ATTITUDES and ATTRIBUTES to take on more RESPONSIBILITY, AUTHORITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

THAMESIDE INTERNATIONAL created a special training and development initiative called "OUR FUTURE IN PRACTICE ...... IS NOW!" 80 Managers, in groups of 10 at a time, attended a highly practical two day FOUNDATION WORKSHOP. Six months after this Workshop delegates attended a CONTINUATION and REVIEW WORKSHOP.

The RESULTS delighted Compass and their Managers.

Nearly half the delegates have been confirmed as having the qualities which will enable them to progress rapidly within the Company. These delegates are now participating in the Programme "THE NEXT STEP FORWARD" which has been designed by THAMESIDE INTERNATIONAL to enhance individuals' confidence and competence when handling the human relationship and commercial aspects of Senior Management.

For many of the delegates to "OUR FUTURE IN PRACTICE.....IS NOW" the Programme helped them to understand their own motivations and level of ambition. Individuals recognised that, for them, the benefits of advancement could be outweighed by the additional pressures associated with increased responsibility. As a result these delegates have committed themselves to fulfilling their current roles more effectively. The human and financial costs associated with promoting individuals beyond their level of competence and motivation have been avoided.

THAMESIDE INTERNATIONAL continues to work with Compass to develop its key personnel

"We now have a definite strategy about what we do and what we don't do and the whole business is now being driven by the plans that we made."

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