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Personal Development


Many people know what they want to achieve in their life but they are not sure how to realise these goals. That's why we created Personal Development Programmes - a process which enables our Consultants to help individuals to acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills to help them achieve their professional and personal goals.

Executive Coaching is the primary method through which we address personal development needs and involves the following

  • An initial meeting to identify an individual's goals, strengths, attitudes and current knowledge and skill gaps, together with an assessment of the 'chemistry' between the individual to be coached and the respective Coach
  • The establishment of a planned programme of coaching sessions, normally half or full days, phased over a twelve month period
  • A focus upon the practical application of ideas to ensure the participant can immediately transfer his/her learning back to the workplace
  • A confidentiality agreement to ensure key issues can be covered safely
  • A review of outcome to ensure value for money is achieved consistently 

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