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Nicole Posner


We are delighted to welcome NICOLE POSNER who has joined us as Workplace Mediator and Executive Conflict Coach.

Most organisations are faced with people issues, whether it is a clash of personality or management style, a relationship or communication breakdown, harassment, bullying or culture issues.  They can all affect productivity and morale and the domino effect can leave teams divided and disrupted.  It can be a time consuming and often costly exercise to address.

Whatever the cause of the conflict, if it is left to fester or dealt with ineffectively, the issues can escalate resulting in a toxic environment and a host of ongoing problems.

Nicole specialises in the Psychology of Conflict and is intuitive and quick to understand the triggers and barriers blocking resolution in any situation.  Whether it is during a mediation between two or more people or a 1:1 Conflict Coaching session, she helps those involved shift from hard line entrenched positions in the most hostile environments to breaking down emotional walls that have prevented them from settling their issues and moving forward.

She is committed to helping people and problem solving and loves the fact that Mediation and Coaching is future focused, so offers parties the chance to build rather than burn bridges.

To find out more about how Nicole can restore the equilibrium back into your business call 01494 429336 today.

"I have benefitted personally from Thameside International’s coaching and continue to this day to put into practice the lessons and techniques learned over the years."

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