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Caroline Cooper

Caroline believes the hardest thing for competitors to copy is the customer experience you create. It can be your single most valuable competitive advantage. Get this right and your customers are bound to stay longer and spend more with you. All adding to your bottom line.

Caroline is a customer service training specialist. But creating a culture of putting the customer first and providing a memorable customer experience doesn’t start and end with customer service training. It requires a whole infrastructure with service and the customer experience at the heart of it. So rather than just delivering customer service training, her focus is on developing teams internally so they can manage the customer experience in house. This means the business is capable of creating a culture and infrastructure which enables them to deliver a consistent level of customer service.

Projects Caroline might typically get involved in include:

  • Writing bespoke customer service training and support materials which can be delivered in house as and when needed so customer service becomes a part of the culture not just a one-off tick box exercise
  • Reviewing and refining the internal customer journey and internal processes to deliver the best possible customer experience
  • Training and coaching skills for line managers so they can support and embed customer service behaviours over time
  • Assessing man management style and practices and the team’s level of engagement to ensure they reflect the customer service vision and values, and coaching managers to get the best from their teams’ service delivery
  • All with the objective of involving the team in building their customer service strategy and working towards something that maintains momentum and is sustainable for the business long term.

"I used Thameside in my own business to train a team of 35 telesales people and we saw an immediate impact. Purely by the training that the call centre received, our productivity rose and we were able to make added value sales and we soon saw a return on that investment."

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